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About Me

My absolute 'pet-peeve' is an ill fitting bra.  After spending nearly five years fitting bras as a profession,  I've been lucky enough to learn myself, the in's and out's of a great fitting over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.  So, after watching a few friends begin their own blogs, I knew that this was the perfect way to get all you lovely ladies up to speed on that particular garment you pop on every morning.

I remember my first trip with my mum to get my bra fitted, M&S, where most mum's took their daughters for their first training bra.  I felt as if I was going to get some horrific procedure done, as I'm sure you all remember from your first fitting experience.  I wandered along from the ages of about 12 until at least 19, guessing at what size bra I should be wearing.  It wasn't until I started working in lingerie that I realised that there was something very off about the bra I was wearing.  After a quick and pain-free fitting from my lovely colleague, we discovered that my apparent 34 back was actually a 28.  I know I'm terrible at numbers, but even I wondered how that could be!

I then discovered how difficult this back size is to get a hold of.  Of course, I need to be awkward.  So I will be updating all you ladies with a small back, (whichever cup size you may be), on the top retailers for our seemingly rare back size.

From basic fitting tips, different styles of bras and what's new in the lingerie world, I hope you can take some useful hints and tips away from your visit.  I will be squeezing in as many practical bits and pieces into my blog as possible. And remember, share the information and create a bra revolution ladies!  We deserve to make the most of the boobies we've been blessed with and look gorgeous, whatever our shape or size.