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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The in's and out's of a great fitting over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder...

This is a post I've been, I wouldn't say putting off, but certainly dilly-dallying about, as it's such a huge topic to cover.  So, without further ado, here are the most important bits and pieces of bra fitting, every lovely lady should know.

First off, after doing a little research of my own online, I was very unsurprised to notice that every retailer and brand of lingerie tell ladies to measure themselves and fit themselves in a whole host of different methods. How confusing for ladies who are looking for some informed advice. A very popular (and terribly old fashioned) way is the good (seriously bad) old tape measure plus 4.  Now, this involves, for some really bizarre reason, measuring your chest and your underband and adding 4 (inches).  Why do people come up with these nonsense rules?  This makes me so frustrated!  Adding 4 inches onto what you measure around your underband will definitely leave you with a seriously poor and ill-fitting bra.  I'll use myself as an example here.  I fit an underband of 28 inches, (depending on the bra, but more on that later).  Adding 4 inches to this would give me a bra size of 32, which inevitably will pretty much hang off my back.  Ladies, if you find a fitter uses this method on you during a fitting, please escape as quickly as you can slip that over sized bra off! There is just no point in wearing a bra if it's hanging off your back.  You should never be able to pull your underband far away from your back.  Back 'fat' is normal... everyone gets it.  I have seen every shape and size of person and boobies and I can promise you now every single person gets it if your bra fits you properly.

There are various other fiddly methods of measuring yourself with the not so trusty measuring tape, however the most important thing about your bra is the fit.  No matter how many lingerie departments or fitters insist that you measure a specific size, the fit is what you should always go by. Please don't get hung up on sizing via tape.  It doesn't know who made your bra or how stretchy the elastic is on the particular lovely garment. It also doesn't know how full your breasts are or if the cups in a particular bra are 'big/small made'.  It doesn't really take into account anything to do with your shape of body, muscle mass or rib shape. A measuring tape is not usually your booby's friend.


Now there are a number of 'points of fit', which will all draw together rather nicely to leave you with the best fitting bra for your boobies, shape & anatomy.  Of course, the points I mention here will be your starting point and each bra differs in the way the manufacturer produces our lovely booby holders.  I would also recommend going to a reputable and decent shop to get fitted.  This can be hard to find, but most lovely ladies will spread recommendations of fitters by word of mouth.  In the Glasgow area I would always recommend Debenhams Argyle Street & Frasers.  A fitter who is doing her job correctly will follow these marker points during your session:

-Introduce herself and find out a little about the issues you might be having with your current bra.  It's never nice to have a fitter burst into your room whilst you are in your smalls and feeling a bit on the vulnerable side, without talking to you.

- Tell you why your bra might not be fitting.  Now, 9 times out of 10 the issue is the back (underband) is far too large, and the cup is toaty.

- Fit you with a bra that suits your body shape, this includes how full your bust is and the shape of your boobies; the curvature of your breast bone; the shape of your back and the shape of your shoulders.  We don't just look at boobies, however many males seem to think this is the case! We need to consider all aspects of the upper half of your lovely body.  One person in a 32E could be a very different shape to another in the same size.

- Once the fitter and your lovely self have found a bra that you feel fits well, she will then run through all the ways it should be currently fitting you.  Here they are:

  • The underband should always be on the loosest hook and eye (that's the outermost) and you should be able to only run 3/4 fingers underneath your underband at the ribs and at the closure. You should definitely not be able to pull your bra away from your body, it should be snug.  The underband is what gives you support (not the straps!!!), so try and get used to it being firm, it is worth it!

  • The reason for this hook & eye loosest setting malarky, is so that when you wash your bra and wear and stretch it (hopefully with love), you can tighten it in a wee notch each time. This means your bra will always fit lovely and snug until you stretch it out on the last hook & eye. At that point you might have to say RIP to your favey bra and go and treat yourself to a new one!

  • The bridge (that's the bit of material in the middle between your cups) should always sit flush against your chest, in wired bras.  If it does not it may simply be that the shape of the bridge doesn't follow the shape of your breast bone.  Try a few different shapes of bras and bridges out.  You should really be able to slide one finger under your bridge also.  As a side note of advice, usually ladies with a deeper chest bone who's breasts are closer together suit a taller bridge that can slot in there nicely and separate your boobies out.  Those ladies with a flatter chest bone (like myself) can quite often wear most shapes of bridges, but personally I prefer a balcony style with a bit of a shorter bridge.

  • You should have no over spill and no gaping in the cups.  The material should not pucker in non padded bras, but should be lovely and taught against your breast.  A good wee trick to check your boobies aren't having a bit of a double boob affect, is to turn to the side and look in the mirror side on.  Looking down does not help!

  • The straps should be adjusted so that you can slide a wee finger underneath it (between the strap and your shoulder) and have it with a little pull against your finger.  I cannot stress enough that you should never have to tighten your straps to keep your bra up.  This is how you will get indents and problems with your shoulders.  Let the underband do the work for you!  That's what it's there for after all.

  • Your bra should form one smooth line from your chest to your back.  In other words, your bra should be in the same position at the front and at the back, not up at the back and down at the front, or vice versa.

  • The wires should be behind your breast tissue and not touching it.  Feel for where your breast tissue starts and where your wire is.  If the cup is too small your wire will most likely be sitting on soft breast tissue.  Before I started as a fitter I used to take my bra off at night and feel like I was bruised.  This was because the wires were digging into my breasts.  The wire is there to encase your breast tissue right round your breast, but should not be touching or nipping it, either at the side or at the front.

  • Put your bra on however you wish, but remember to scoop & shoogle! Make sure you scoop all your breast tissue into your cup and that you are well and firmly seated properly in your comfy wee boob house.  Bend forward and grab your underband and shake from side to side, making sure you the bra is sitting on you properly.
This lovely wee diagram rounds it up a little prettier than I can!


Finally, it's important to remember ladies, that if a bra doesn't fit you it's the bras issue, not yours!  It clearly just isn't 'the one'.  There is a bra out there for all of us, much like a soul mate, no matter what shape or size we are.  Take the time to get yourself fitted, it's just as important (if not more) than the rest of your stylish outfit and will definitely make you look and feel much more confident.  A great fitting bra does wonders for the self esteem, try it!  Remember that you should try your bras on, just like you would a pair of shoes, before buying.  Take time to try it on under your top and see how you feel in it.  Love your boobies and your body!  I would say probably 90% of ladies I've ever fitted had pretty much the same first opening sentence when I stepped behind that curtain: " Oh excuse my flab, excuse my skin, excuse this & that".  Ladies you should never feel like you have to justify yourself to anyone (and as fitters we are only interested in your wonderful boobies anyway!).

So go on lovely ladies, get yourself a new bra wardrobe started!  Remember that you are changing size all the time, whether you are losing or gaining weight, (even if you don't feel you have), your size is never the same throughout your life span.  Aim to get fitted at least twice a year, schedule it in!  Debenhams Bra Fit Event will be running from 6th-26th April, offering a free fit (& usually a £5 off voucher when you spend a certain amount on bras following a fit), so it is well worth a wee gander!

Remember to check in soon & be part of the bra revolution ladies!

Please feel free to comment or privately message me if you would like about any bra related questions! I'm not so scary & neither are bras.

Until the next post...


  1. This was so helpful and informative! I'm so bad for having ill-fitted bras but I'm going to get myself to Debenhams Argyle St asap! Thanks for the info x

    1. AW thanks so much for reading :). I am so glad it was helpful! Debs argyle street is my old haunt (used to work there) & at the moment it's the fitting event (£5 off if you spend £30 when you get fitted). I think it finishes in two days so you should pop in!:) xo

  2. Such a beautiful lingerie collection. Uggh, the theme, the clothes, the poses… all so perfect! So much good styling!