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Friday, 5 December 2014

Undeniably thee 10 best things about Christmas.


Of course this is my first thought and I'm sure many others.  This is the time of year you don't feel quite so guilty about having that extra after eight (after eating one humongous turkey, two starters and three desserts; what's an extra deliciously thin chocolate mint on top?). And the smells, oh my the smells.  Eat it all, just eat it all, deal with the rest post Christmas.


Similarly, what's an extra glass of fizz or tipple of Bailey's going to do.  T'is the season to be merry, fa la la le la la la la...hiccup!  And anyway, the food upon food, upon food (where does it all come from?), is enough to soak it all up.

Wearing horrific jumpers

Who makes these? More to the point, who designs these monstrosities? You can't deny, we all love a hideous Crimbo jumper, sometimes we even have competitions to see who is daring enough to wear the worst one.  This is the one time of year you can walk about with various snow covered animals on your stomach and no one bats an eyelid.  Even better when they're 3D and you have to appologise when Frostie's carrot nose hits a child in the face whilst squeezing through the thousands of Christmas shoppers.

Seeing family you don't usually

This is possibly a love/hate point, depending on how much your family make you want to hide under a rock.  Fortunately in my circumstances my family all love each other (or so I think, perhaps I'm the member everyone secretly hates), and there's nothing lovelier than when we are all under the one roof for Christmas day, sharing the best part of the year.

Turning off the TV (only on Christmas day!)

I'm not sure how much of a 'normal' thing this is for other families, but generally our family don't turn the TV on during Christmas day.  Sometimes during the morning for a bit of a festive tune whilst unwrapping pressies, but for the rest of the day the box is having a much deserved rest.  Personally I love this, because it means the family decide to play all kinds of crazy, competitive games and quizzes, which in that moment, is the funniest thing in the history of ever.

Christmas television & movies

This is a time of year where it feels like a necessity to binge watch TV, Netflix, DVDs and any other source of Christmas content you can lay your Quality Street covered mits on. This time of year is the only time of year it is acceptable to watch anything Christmas related.  Oh, it's boxing day and you forgot to watch Home Alone? Nope.  In the words of Kelly Clarkston; you had your chance, you blew it.


There are never more nights out than Christmas time, (apart from that spell we all go through where all your friends somehow managed to book 21st's within a week of each other-your poor liver).  What better excuse to get dressed up, looking fabulous for about half an hour, until your shoes are off and your hair has been tossed in a bun.  This doesn't only apply to the females either.  I've seen males struggling with that brand new pair of leather smarts. Will we ever learn? (No but shoes are worth it). Eat, drink, dance and try to avoid that co-worker.  Who knows what word vomit may erupt after a few g&t's.


I don't think I need to say anymore.

The look on that persons face when they open your gift (unless it's crap, then it's a slightly different look)

This is the time of year to break out your inner ninja.  Sneaking around, hiding things, keeping secrets, the anticipation of that person opening your well thought out gift; it's all part of that tingly Christmas feeling.  The ninja of Christmas.

Feeling like a child again

Santa Clause, Rudolph, Christmas stories, surprises, that feeling of glee that makes you feel 5 again. Who doesn't love to feel young?  Some of the oldest people I know still love to see Santa Clause and his reindeer.  Maybe they can still hear the reindeer's silver bells.  Life was so much sparklier when we all still believed.

Merry Christmas!