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Monday, 28 July 2014

5 swimwear sweeties

Hello again! I thought it was about time I revisited my poor neglected blog.  I've been so busy with a new job I took on over my summer break from uni, that I've hardly had any time to myself .  The wee bit of time I do get I seem to either be sleeping or trying to enjoy (unbelievable) Scottish sun/commy games!

In a few weeks (can't come soon enough), I'll be jetting off to sunny Turkey for the first time and thought I better update my bikini collection.  So, for those of you lucky enough to be catching a last minute escape, or maybe flying off in the October holidays, here's a wee round up of some fabby bikinis I've come across in my searches. 

   Firstly, I need to show off the bikini I just bought about half an hour ago, through my favourite past      time and equal kryptonite; online shopping. I'm a sucker for all things vintage & retro and I love the 
   high waisted trend from jeans and shorts, to bikinis. So when I came across this gem, I couldn't not!


Gorgeous matching cut out swimsuit- £9.60
Red Herring- £9 for the set

These two run from an 8-18 in size, but I'd be fast, they're bound to sell out really quickly being in the sale.

I like being able to mix and match in bikini sizes.  More often than not, the majority of folk require two different sizes for top and bottom and selling as separates is a super easy way of getting what you need!

A big surprise for me was recently discovering that Tesco online hold a whole range of fantastic fuller bust ranges, both in bikinis and bras.  Kudos to Tesco for being one of the only supermarkets around that carry ranges that you would usually only get your mitts on in big department stores, (Curvy Kate).  I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across their range.  Granted, their prices are similar across the board as Curvy Kate set their own prices; however Tesco is a lot easier for some to access than department stores are.  Also, Tesco often have unbelievable sales, look out for Curvy Kate with discounts!  I love the thought of popping your well fitting lingerie or bikini in with your weekly shop, we truly are in the future!

If you're after a decent 'fuller bust' bikini, that won't leave you with a sore neck from the halter have a peek at Panache's range of swimwear.  True to size, in my opinion and a great fit.  My personal favourite at the moment is 'Lucille'.  A bit of a nautical theme to it and giving fab lift without giving you that four boob effect. The straps are detachable too (hooray for no tan lines!).  It runs in nearly every size from a D onwards (28D-38J).  Choose a bigger back size & smaller cup if you feel it too tight round the band.

Also available in classic nautical navy
Once again I'll be bragging about Boux Avenue.  I just think for the prices and being on the 'high street' they do a good job at their range of sizes and styles whilst paying a bit less.  There's always great deals or a sale on and their swimwear this season have been really stunning. The swimwear they produce is fantastic quality and an excellent fit.  At the moment selected lines in their swimwear range are 25% off, so have a gander if you're flying off on your holibobs soon!

Shop 'Bermuda' here with 25% off!

'Bermuda' is such a feminine floral number with all the support you need.  Ranging from a 30D to a 38G this flattering piece is so pretty and a bit nicer than some of the boring swimwear sets available in fuller bust sizes in many other shops.  Great coverage as well as lifting and shaping and cute wee briefs, what more could you want!  Grab it if you're passing a Boux Avenue, or shop online, the sales don't last forever!

I'm going to throw in number five as a 'splash out' (excuse the horrific pun), because it retails at £55.   Of course it has to be Gossard.  Renowned for their beautiful prints and materials, whilst keeping that vintage flare.  Now, whilst not in everybody's price range, I am in love with this swimsuit and it offers something a bit different for those of you who either want a wee change and fancy a swimsuit, or would rather have a bit more coverage.  Very vintage, a beautiful shape and a plunging neckline, this swimsuit will suit every shape and covers sizes 30D-38G.

Get it here
How beautiful is this print? If I had a spare few pennies it would be on me already as I do my swimming poses in front of my mirrored wardrobe.  Somebody please buy this so I can live vicariously through you.

There we are; a quick flash of five of the sweetest swimwear pieces about at the moment that cover a wide range of cup sizes.

Grab a wee bargain before you jet set away, you'll be thanking yourself when you're turning heads by the pool!

Do you have any beach essentials that rival or compliment these pieces?

Monday, 7 April 2014

You need these bras in your life; 10 Summer bras that won't break the bank...

Now that we have tackled the hefty topic of understanding how to fit your bra, I thought I would give you lovely ladies a little peek at a selection of the prettiest, penny saving bras for Spring/Summer 14. These gorgeous bras take inspiration from some of the trends hot off the catwalk; pretty pastels and bold florals. I've also thrown in a couple of key staples for every 'bradrobe', that a girl just shouldn't allow her boobies to live without.  So go on ladies, treat yourself to a fresh new bra for the (hopefully) warmer months.
Coming in at £20-£30, these gorgeous wee picks won't break the bank!

Here are my top ten picks for Spring/Summer 2014, I hope your bank card is at your fingertips!

Freya Flourish in Tropical rrp £30

Now Freya have always been a personal favourite brand of mine & I always recommend them.  Not only is their size range fantastic, but their seasonal styles are always bang on trend.  To add to the growing list of wonderfulness, their fit is fabulous.  Freya literally have a bra for almost every size/shape/body.


This is a an all round super bra.  Keeping in line with the flowery trend of S/S 14; style, fit, support and shape are all squeezed into one lovely little number (unlike your newly fitted boobies).  Flourish is available from a C-K cup & a 28-38 underband, so caters for a lovely range of boobie shapes & sizes.  Do try before you buy ladies, as recently their switch to new manufacturers has meant their underband fitting has been a tad on the large size, (meaning you may have to step down a back size).  Flourish is classed as a 'balcony plunge', meaning it's a wee bit fuller on the cup than a regular plunge, but still gives the cleavage we so desire from the famous plunge shape, pushing in from the sides.  It is also available in the very gorgeous longline style.  You can get your flowery little fingers on it via Figleaves (where it is currently only £22.50!), Debenhams (where it is 15% off) & House of Fraser (where it is a bragain £21!). So feminine!

Panache Fern in Blue Floral Balconette rrp £29

Panache is  another brilliant lingerie brand that you either love, or you have yet to discover how much you love them.  Once again, they are forever on trend whether summer or winter and their lingerie ranges wonderfully from a 28-38 on the back and D-K on the cup.  The only annoyance I've found is that many shops have now stopped stocking Panache, "why" I hear you shout!  I have no idea, they really are losing out!


This gorgeous wee bra combines pastels and florals with a pretty wee lace trim at the top (what more could a girl wish for?!).  I would always recommend trying a bra on (as I usually say buying a bra is like buying a pair of shoes).  Panache can be a wee bitty neat on the back, but remember my bra fitting tips & you should soon be rocking Fern, whatever your size.  Find this bra at Figleaves currently at £23.20, ASOS, or Amazon (yes amazon sell bras!). 

Curvy Kate Princess Tigerlily/Rose rrp £29

Okay so anyone who knows me knows how obsessed (literally) I am with Disney.  So, it was only logical I included this wee number in my picks, with Peter Pan being my second favourite Disney thing ever.  However, the coral colour is very on trend for S/S 14 and Curvy Kate is a gem of a fuller bust brand.


Hello summer!  This bra just oozes summer colour and design.  With polka dot detailing to the cups & lace and bows, it's gorgeously feminine whilst boasting support and comfort.  This perfect number for the season comes in a 28-40 back in cups D-K & in back size 42-44 in a D-G.  Pretty much every lovely lady can get their boobies into this for the summer months & that excellent tall bridge should fit most shapes perfectly.  I think this is one I need in my undie drawer!  Find Princess Tigerlilly at DebenhamsFigleaves & Amazon (where it is currently on sale!).

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless in Nude rrp £34

Now this wee bra doesn't exactly fall into our price range, however it is currently on sale in Debenhams for £27.20.  I cannot recommend this bra enough.  I tell everyone I can about the wonderful Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless.  This includes my poor friend who I coaxed into buying this bra for under her wedding dress later on in the year.  She converted almost instantly after trying it on.  Go on, go on, go on, try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed!  


Wonderbra is notorious for being a 'smaller busted brand'.  Branding ourselves as smaller and larger busted really is a pet peeve of mine, everyone is normal for their own body.  But, before I get carried away I'll continue about the bra at hand.  This key staple that every lovely lady should own, comes in sizes 30-38 in cups A-G.  Yes, that's right ladies, Wonderbra has caught on to the fact that a G cup is common & that these gorgeous ladies also need a decent fitting (& nicer looking) strapless bra.  You can see from the photo that it is actually a plunge strapless, something I have never found anywhere other than Wonderbra & this works amazingly for every cup size within this range.  I've rarely seen this as a bad match for any lady.  Once again be careful chickadees, it can be fairly neat on the back (however you want your strapless a little tighter than your everyday bra).  Give it a whirl, you won't regret it!  Find the Ultimate Wonderbra Strapless at Debenhams for the sale price or John Lewis where it is also on sale.  You can also find it on Amazon where it is available for Prime if you're in a wee bit of a rush!

Gorgeous Comfort Cup Tshirt Bra in Nude rrp £19.50

Okay okay, so now I just seem boring, but trust me this is one you want in your bradrobe.  Debenhams have hit a winner with the comfort cup Tshirt bra.  I know that a Tshirt bra seems extremely mundane, but it really should be every lovely ladies trusty companion.  This bra is the best Tshirt bra I have ever came across.  Gorgeously soft, comfy and supportive at the same time as giving you a fabulous uplift and wonderfully smooth shape underneath every material and outfit.  


This bra can work under shift dresses, blouses, work uniforms; you name it.  Especially as we all begin to break out our lighter colours (hooray!). This bra is perfect for under whites and pastels (NEVER wear white bras under white, always nude).  Honestly, I have never seen such a versatile bra and you will just love the softness of it.  It is Debenham's best selling bra and for good reason.  It comes in sizes 30-40 and cups A-G and will leave you feeling smooth & confident without that famous double boob effect. Grab it in the sale for £15.60 at Debenhams

Boux Avenue Tori Lace in Grey & Dusky Pink rrp: £25.00

This bra is just so pretty.  The straps are lovely instead of the usual boring, plain strap & the colour is so soft & feminine.  Boux Avenue is such a pretty shop full of enticing colours & designs, you can't help but take something home! This bra is classic lace and on trend pastel merged together to form the perfect springtime plunge bra. 


This pretty little plunge comes in sizes 30A-38F, so not the widest of ranges, but it sure is lovely.  With cute wee Moroccan lantern detail to the cups and the perfectly paired grey and dusky pink, this is a bra that could be worn with many outfits throughout spring/summer.  Plunging, padded cups push you in from the side for a gorgeous cleavage.  It's just so cute and comes in a whole array of colours; white, pink, lavender, raspberry, aqua and black.  Find it at Boux Avenue.

Panache Elsa Balconette Bra rrp £29

Another favourite from the trusty Panache.  This wee wonder gives a tad more coverage but still provides the push up shape of a balconette.  Edging on the vintage side of lingerie, with matching high waisted briefs, Elsa is sophisticated and practical with its nude coverage and lace design.  


Nude is a nifty wee colour for under everything.  It is the best colour for under lights & whites (whereas white always shines through), and it works under darks & colours too.  What's not to love?! Elsa comes in sizes 30-38 and cups D-K, so one for nearly everybody & in certain cup sizes comes in soft padded straps for a wee bit more comfort .  Find it at Bravissimo and Figleaves, where you can get your hands on a summery coral colour too. Perfect.

Ultimo The One Va Va Voom rrp £25

Ultimo is usually a bit of a miss for me.  The cups can be quite tiny and the wires tend to come up quite short at the side meaning they dig in to your breast tissue, (no lady wants that!).  Saying that, at times it can be really great.  This is one of those times.  On trend with the framework strapping, Ultimo has followed in the lines of one of the key spring features for lingerie 2014.  Make sure you try this on and that the points of a great fitting bra are all checked off, before adding this super sexy style to your collection.


'The One' from Ultimo, was designed as a Tshirt bra with a boost.  Lightly foamed cups give a signature cleavage so famously associated with Ultimo, whilst still claiming to eliminate that dreaded four booby effect.  It is a bit limited in size ranges, since Ultimo's unique selling point is their patented silicone padding (the same stuff used in breast enhancements), so is targeted more to those ladies who would like a bit of an extra push.  Sizes range from 30-38 back & A-DD cups.  Get it at Debenhams or House of Fraser where you can try before you pop it on or straight from the company itself, Ultimo.

Cleo Minnie Bra rrp £27

Another Disney reference, I told you I was obsessed.  Cleo is a fun & colourful range manufactured by Panache, with all the same support but starting at a 28 back (hooray for me!).  Inspired by Minnie Mouse & her super cute polka dot, red & white dress, this balcony bra almost looks like a bikini and makes me want to squeel like a girl with excitement.  


This bra is almost sickly sweet, but in a good way, (if that's possible).  It kind of reminds me of sweets or strawberries, so super cute for summer time.  Even living in Scotland, the land of no summer, a bit of colour certainly lifts the mood and this is no exception.  Lace detailing and a tiny bow on the bridge just add to the 'Disney-esque' of it all.  I'm in love.  Available in 28-38 back sizes & D-J cups, nearly every lady can bring out the Disney in them that's hidden in there somewhere.  Get it at BravissimoFigleaves or ASOS (where it's a bargain £16!).  

Freya Deco Honey bra in Aqua rrp £32

Well it was only logical to finish how we started, with another gem from Freya.  Deco has been a classic style from Freya, since the dawning of time (slight exaggeration), but it just keeps getting better.  Originally released in staple colours of nude & black, every season Freya produce a gorgeous themed colour/ design of the wonderful Deco.  This summer there seem to be more colours and designs than ever before, including a super cute flamingo pattern (so Alicey, I must have it), and the bright pastel shade of Aqua.


Aqua is usually a colour I always ignore, feeling it sometimes looks a tad on the cheap side.  However I think Freya have given it just enough 'aqua' to make it look fresh, bright and appealing; without looking that 'fiver bra from Primark' way.  If you really dislike aqua, or maybe you're not quite brave enough to go that wee bit brighter, why not try the gorgeous Jade colour instead?  I know this bra is slightly over budget, coming in at £32, however the pennies will be well spent if you take the plunge and invest (no terrible pun intended).  Speaking of which, Freya have done what most brands are too nervous to do & produced a fantastic fitting, moulded plunge bra in sizes 28-38 and cups D to GG.  Finally, you lovely ladies in G's & GG's can get your boobies into a well fitting and sexy plunge style bra, knowing that your girls will definitely stay put.  With style, comfort and support the Deco is an excellent all-rounder with a smooth finish and gets raving reviews on lingerie sites.  Get your paws on it at House of FraserJohn Lewis, (where it's actually only £28), or Figleaves.   

So there we go lovely ladies, you will have revamped your bradrobe in a few easy clicks & a PayPal password; just try not to get too carried away!  It's worth a mention though that all the bras featured in this post come with matching briefs, what better excuse to get a new wee set.

Do you have any summer picks you'd like to share?

Remember to check in & be part of the bra revolution!

Until the next post...

Monday, 10 March 2014

I'm too slow for fashion...

Jumping on the blogger 'bandwagon', after watching a few of my friends begin their own, I somehow felt I was missing out on a personal and creative way of expression.  "So, let's start a blog", I thought to myself.

I've never been a girl that's particularly in the know about beauty and make-up, usually sticking to the good old 'tried and tested' shades and brands, browns mainly.  I don't think I'm brave enough to try new and bright colours, (usually worrying I'll look like a clown), so a beauty blog from me would be a waste of everybody's time.  I could envision the end result of me being very skint with a fat make up bag of products I'm pretty clueless about and too scared to even bother using. So that was out the window.  Fashion?  Well, unless folk want to read about the bargain 50p jumper I just snapped up from the charity shop, that's not really an area I follow very much either.  I don't read fashion magazines and I'm pretty baffled about what's on trend for each season.  Fashion confuses me and I think I should give up trying to be 'fashionable'.  Each time I try to get in with the seasons latest trend, folk have already moved onto the next one.  I'm too slow for fashion, I think that's my problem.

So here I am.  Slow and clueless, (with a boring face and wearing the clothes of someone who may, or may not be dead), drifting along in my own little world, as I have often been told.  It wasn't until a few days ago when I was filling out 'my skills' in a job application that I had a bit of a lightbulby moment.  Bras!  Here was something I had a fair knowledge of.  Having worked as a trained bra fitter, for almost five years, this is something I could say I feel pretty confident in.  Boobs!  It's true, I have seen many boobs of various shapes and sizes, and often felt my job was some kind of problem solving exercise, scratching my blonde head on many occasions.  However, boobs are an area I have a decent knowledge of (if I do say so myself) and is a topic which still interests (and often irritates) me on almost a daily basis.

Almost every time that I find myself in a public area, I desperately want to yank somebody's bra tighter or pour their spilling boobs back into their cases.  It is shocking how many women have no clue about bras, when it is the basis of our daily outfits. I admitted that I'm pretty clueless to fashion, but a good fitting bra is the foundation of every great dress or top, whatever the style. It baffles me how some women can go through a good chunk of their lives wearing bra sizes sometimes 4 or 5 times too big/small.  I have fitted many women who have worn only one size, the majority of their adult life, which nine times out of ten is completely wrong.  A lot of women are being told the wrong, (often conflicting) information by various department stores and lingerie shops.

So, for this blog, I offer my knowledge of bras, lingerie and fitting, in the hope that some lovely ladies will realise their full bra and body potential; whether big, small, real, fake or reconstructed.  A good fitting bra can change your whole outfit, posture, appearance and attitude.  There needs to be a bra revolution and hopefully this little blog (and you) can promote the magical garment and wear it with confidence.

Get sharing and check back soon.  Be part of the bra revolution!